Target sectors

  • AgTech

  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing

  • FinTech

  • Energy and Mining Technology

  • MedTech

  • Cyber Security

  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT

Expected salary threshold

Candidates should have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high income threshold (FWHIT), which is currently AUD153,600. This figure is adjusted annually on 1 ​July.

In assessing whether a candidate is likely to have the ability to meet this salary threshold, the Department will consider:

  • ​current salary evidenced through payslips or a contract, or

  • future job offers outlining remuneration, or

  • recent PhD or Masters graduates in the target sectors.

Apply for the visa

Complete your Distinguished Talent visa application in ImmiAccount.

As part of the application, you will need to be endorsed by a nominator who has a national reputation in the same field as you and is either:

  • an eligible Australian citizen, resident

  • eligible New Zealand citizen

  • an Australian organization.


Processing Time: 3-6 months


Success Case