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  • 投資金額要求由150萬澳元提升至250萬澳元

  • 投資政府指定債劵要求 更改為與188C相同的投資比例 

  • 投資至少50萬澳元 (20%) 于澳洲創業基金和成長型私募股權基金的新創和小型私營企業

  • 投資至少75萬澳元 (30%) 于ASX上市公司的管理基金

  • 投資至少125 萬澳元 (50%) 于 “平衡性投資” 的管理基金 ,包括ASX上市公司,合規公司債券或期票,年金和不動產

澳洲188B 簽證主要優勢


  • 不要求申請人擁有生意

  • 到達澳洲後沒有創業和生意經營壓力

  • 投資合規基金(卓越可提供不同澳洲投資基金公司介紹)

  • 對申請人沒有英語要求

  • 可帶符合條件的直接家庭成員一同申請臨居及相應的永居簽證

  • 簽證持有者可自由往返澳洲

  • 持有簽證期間,子女可免費就讀澳洲公立中小學

  • 全家移民


Australian Investor Stream Subclass 188B Visa

The Investor stream is for investors who want to invest at least AUD$2.5 million in Australia and continue business and/or investment activity in Australia for at least 2 years.


Eligibility conditions

Applicants for the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) Investor stream must meet several eligibility requirements for their visa to be granted. The applicant and/or their partner (if applicable) must have:

  • A nomination from an Australian state or territory government 

  • At least 10% ownership and direct management of a qualifying business for at least 1 financial year in the past 5 financial years, OR 

    • Eligible investments of at least AUD$1.5 million

  • A high level of management skill relating to the qualifying business or eligible investment, with at least 3 years of direct management experience 

  • A total of AUD$2.5 million in business and/or personal assets, which must have been acquired legally and must be able to be transferred to Australia within 2 years of the visa start date. You and/or your partner must have owned these assets for at least 2 financial years 

  • The intention to live in the nominating Australian state or territory for at least two years

Applicants must normally be 55 or younger to qualify for this visa, but the age requirement can be waived at the discretion of the nominating state or territory if the proposed investment will benefit the state or territory's economy greatly.

If you were invited to apply for this visa on or after 1 July 2021, you must make (on or after the time of application for this visa), a complying significant investment of at least AUD2.5 million. You must hold complying significant investments continuously for the life of your provisional visa.

It must be invested in the following proportions:

  • at least AUD500,000 in venture capital and growth private equity funds which invest in start-ups and small private companies

  • at least AUD750,000 in approved managed funds. The managed funds must invest in emerging companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange

  • a ‘balancing investment’ of at least AUD1.25 million in managed funds

The managed funds can invest in a range of assets, including companies listed on the Australian stock exchange, Australian corporate bonds or notes, annuities and commercial real estate.

Points test

Applicants must score a minimum of 65 points on the Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) points test. For more information please contact PremierVisa consultant for a professional assessment.

Processing Time: 14-22months