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As Turkey Begins Reopening, CIP Investor Interest Turns to Riviera Homes

Updated: May 30, 2020

The Turkish government has stated it will start implementing a phased easing of the travel restrictions and lockdown, starting on the southern Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas – Perfectly coinciding with the launch of our new and exclusive project in Bodrum.

Starting from Monday, May 11th, many businesses will be reopening, including shopping malls, hair salons, and dental clinics. This is expected to be later followed by restaurants and cafes, including the sorely missed Starbucks coffee shops. The end of the lockdown in Bodrum, combined with the reopening of international flights on the 28th of May, will grant those clients seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship a timely boost to invest in this beautiful Aegean town. 

Bodrum’s majestic bay of Gumusluk has been used as the perfect hideaway for centuries Following our earlier article published with IMI, on April 2nd, which presented the widening global appeal Bodrum has for international property investors, the management team here at CIP Turkey are proud to announce the launch of our new and exclusive project, “Hidden Harbour Homes” (HHH), in the town of Gumusluk, in Bodrum. 

Gumusluk, which was once known by its ancient Roman name of Myndos, was also inhabited by one of history’s most significant names. After the assassination of Julius Caesar in Rome, Brutus and Cassius fled to Gumusluk, where they hid their fleet in its very secluded, hidden harbour. 

The ancient ruins can be seen to this day and are on full show as you take a stroll around this magnificent open-air museum. The parts that can no longer be seen have sunken over time, beneath the crystal clear waters of the harbour, but are still enjoyed by those keen on snorkeling around the headlands, at the harbour’s entrance.

On the Northside of the harbour, there is a small but charming marina, and on the Southside there is a sandy beach, with a nice variety of restaurants, cafes, and bars. The beach is family-friendly, with its gently sloping shores sliding into the turquoise waters of the Aegean.

The marina has a great selection of waterside seafood restaurants, famous throughout Turkey, where patrons can enjoy the catch of the day, accompanied by a glass of the local tipple, the aniseed drink called Raki, which is not for the faint-hearted. 

Hidden Harbour Homes, consists of 6 luxury detached villas, each with a private swimming pool, along with 34, two-bedroom apartments, all stylishly laid out on the hillside, overlooking the bay of Gumusluk. 

All units enjoy spectacular sea views over the Aegean, with numerous Greek Islands dotted across the horizon. The project also benefits from a spacious social area with a communal pool at its heart, where residents can spend the day sunbathing on the large terrace, fire up a barbeque, or simply take in the glorious sunsets on show.

Turkey’s largest and most popular supermarket chain, Migros, is just five minutes away, with plenty of other markets and shops in the nearby village center. Also, in the village, the local farmers have a fresh food market, once a week, where you can find a wide variety of locally grown produce, delicious dairy products, and fresh seafood. 

Bodrum town center is an enjoyable 25 minutes’ drive away, or you can follow the breathtaking scenery of the coastal road, and spend the day in and around the stunning superyacht marina in Yalikavak, in just 10 minutes.

The six villas in HHH are perfectly priced for those investors wishing to qualify for Turkish citizenship, and who have decided that Bodrum is their destination of choice.

For those clients who would prefer to diversify their investments, and might be having a difficult time choosing between Bodrum and Istanbul – two excellent options in their own right, then we would recommend following a similar strategy to many of our existing clients:

  1. Purchase one of our high-quality 2-bedroom apartments in Bodrum

  2. Next, choose a second apartment out of our attractive portfolio of options in Istanbul – bringing your total investment outlay to a minimum of $250,000

  3. If you decide to keep one of your apartments for personal use, then you can simply rent out the other apartment and benefit from a supplemental income


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